10 Natural Energy Boosters

10 Natural Energy Boosters Are you looking for ways to boost your energy levels naturally? Listed below are 10 natural energy boosters that will leave you with tons of energy! 1. Coffee Coffee is a well-known and very popular drink worldwide. A lot of people can’t start their day without having their first cup of …


My Firstborn Pregnancy Cravings

My Firstborn Pregnancy Cravings With my first pregnancy I had a very fortunate journey. Whenever I went to my gynae for a check-up I always received good news so I didn’t have anything to worry about. I also didn’t have morning sickness or pregnancy cravings. But the fact that I didn’t have cravings actually upset …



Hi I am Leana! I am a full-time working mother to a beautiful daughter and an amazing husband. I have an easy-going, fun and positive personality and I love to entertain people. In my free time I blog about lifestyle, motherhood, family, parenting etc… Positivity, determination and gratefulness are my main mottos in life. “You …

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