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Adults should go on regular date nights and spend time together. Life is hard enough as it is. From working to parenting and trying to stay up to date with the latest happenings. A date with your partner is just what you need and its very important. Luckily there are plenty of date night ideas to choose from.

Movies and Popcorn

An old-time favourite that will never die off is movies. Movies are a great way for you and your partner to enjoy each others company. This can be at home or at the cinema. There are plenty of genres to choose from. Watching a movie together can benefit and enhance your relationship with your partner depending on what you choose to watch. Don’t forget about popcorn and soda!


Picnics are fun and enjoyable and you only need the weather to play along. Pack a picnic basket with your favourite savories, fruit, chocolates and a bottle of wine and choose a spot underneath a beautiful tree. If you want to be romantic you can surprise your partner with candles and roses. There are many lovely picnicย spotsย to choose from.

Eat Out At A Restaurant

It’s always nice to order a plate of your favourite food at your favourite restaurant. Eating out also gives you and your partner a night off from cooking and preparing a meal. And Bonus! There will be no dirty dishes to wash afterwards when you come home from the restaurant. Spoil yourself with a delicious dessert afterwards because you deserve it.

Walk along the beach

A walk along the beach can do wonders for you and your partner. It gives you the perfect opportunity to show affection by holding hands. You can walk and talk for hours and the fresh air and sea has a calming affect on you. Make a beautiful memory by writing in the sand or picking up sea shells. A sunset stroll can be very romantic.

Board games

What’s more fun than playing board games? Or proving your intelligence to someone else? Dig in the cupboards and take out all the board games and puzzles and enjoy a night full of fun. A couple of good games are monopoly, cluedo, 30 seconds and speak out.


Can you still sing or did you lose your choir voice from high school? Make your date night fun by singing along to your favourite songs. Show your partner how talented you are and dare them to sing along to their favourite songs. It will be plenty of fun and at the end of the night both of you will sing together.

Camp Under The Stars

You don’t need to sleep out to camp out. If it’s a nice and warm evening and the stars shine bright, take a blanket outside and lay next to your partner. Enjoy each other’s company by talking and watching the stars and just laying in each other’s arms. You can also see who will be the lucky one to spot a shooting star first and make a wish together.


This is a very nice and romantic idea for a date night and you can have fondue for either dinner or dessert. You can buy anything you like and according to the mood. Meatballs, chicken, spring rolls, baby potatoes are all great options. For dessert you can have a chocolate fondue and buy strawberries and icecream to go with it.

Cup of coffee

“I was told by my pastor to go on a regular coffee date atleast once a week”ย 

He told me that this is very important. By going on a coffee date you won’t only spoil yourself with your favourite cup, but you will be able to discuss the things that happened during the week.

Take a scenic drive

Not only is a sunday afternoon drive very relaxing but it’s also theurapetic. Put your fsvourite music on and take a drive to you and your partner’s favourite destitnations enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Now you only need to choose which date idea will work best and enjoy the time spent with your partner.

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