10 Basic Uses Of Baby Receiving Blankets 1

10 Basic Uses Of Baby Receiving Blankets

Now that you became a parent you probably ticked off a lot of baby essentials and one of them are receiving blankets. Receiving blankets are one of the most versatile baby items and they have so many purposes. In fact they are so popular that almost every new mom receives a load of them.

What Is A Receiving Blanket

Firstly what is a receving blanket? A receiving blanket is a soft and square towel designed specifically for babies. It varies in size. The average size ranges from 18inches to 36inches. It is made out of different kinds of material like cotton, flannel or polyester. Receiving blankets come in a variety of colours and patterns perfect to suite every baby nursery.

Baby laying on floor wrapped in receiving blanket

Receiving Blanket Uses

A Receiving blanket can be used for many things when it comes to your baby or child.

BURPING – You can use it as a burp cloth for baby. Choose one that matches your babies outfit for the day.

SECURITY OBJECT – Many babies form an attachment to certain objects and rely on it for comfort and security. For instanse if your baby has trouble falling asleep a pacifier might help sooth baby to sleep or if your baby is new at daycare a soft toy with your scent on can help baby relax.

SWADDLING – It works great for swaddling. Some babies like to be wrapped up tightly after birth to feel safe and protected. The receving blanket works perfectly as it fits snuggly around baby and it is also breathable helping baby to cool down when its hot and get warm when its cold. If your baby doesn’t like being wrapped up in a blanket just dress baby in layers to avoid baby from getting cold.

CLOTH DIAPER – If you run out of clean diapers by any chance you can use the receiving blanket as a cloth diaper. Cloth diapers are still in fashion and used by many families.

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CHANGE PAD COVER – Throw it under baby when changing diapers to protect the bed or changing pad from unprepared leakages and staining .

SUNBLOCK – When you go for a drive hang it in the window next to baby to protect baby from the sun.

EVERYDAY BLANKET – Use it as an all day blanket

PLAYMAT – It can be put under your baby on the floor to prevent baby from getting into contact with dirt and unnesesary germs.

BREASTFEEDING – It works perfectly covering up while breastfeeding your baby.

HAVING FUN – Baby will love the bright and interesting colours and patterns and can play and cuddle with the blanket.

Baby holding receiving blanket

Receiving Blankets And Infants

When baby enters the infant stage there is no need to get rid of the blankets. A reveiving blanket also plays an important role in an infant’s life.


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