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Toddlers like to learn. They absorb absolutely everything around them from what they see and hear right onto the crumbs laying on the floor. With a growing mind and body they need constant stimulation in order to be great adults one day. Here are some educational toddler activities that you both can do.

Hide and Seek

Everybody loves hide and seek. Whether you’re big or small It’s a fun game for all ages and there are many reasons for it. This well-known game can be played inside or outside the house during the day or at night, but if your toddler is still small you’d rather play it during daytime or at least in a well-lit house to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

What makes this activity so beneficial? It will keep your toddler occupied by exploring and examining every inch of your house. a Place that was once scary might now look friendly and fun. It’s also a satisfying game in the sense that you win if you manage to find the one hiding. You can also make things interesting by giving a reward to your toddler whenever he or she finds you. Toddler activities are fun!

Puzzle Time

This is an all-time favourite! Puzzles keep the mind occupied and helps with concentration. My one year old has a puzzle that is actually for ages 3 years and up, but I’m telling you she loves it. Me and my husband decided that she can play with it as there is no small or hazardous pieces and the sooner she learns the better. It’s a little wooden puzzle with farm animals on. So whenever she takes a specific piece we will mention the names of the animals and make the sound that goes with it. So every day we are moo-ing, oink-in and peck-ing.

There are a huge variety of super cute puzzles for toddlers to choose from and you can go with what your they prefer.  Let them choose the puzzle.

What makes this activity so beneficial? Building puzzles stimulates the brain in many ways. It boosts your memory, concentration, IQ, problem solving skills and many more.

Reading Stories

Important on the list is reading. It is one of the best things that you can help your toddler with besides the other toddler activities. Reading is important  and it is something that you continue doing throughout life. So the sooner you start the better. Also toddlers find story time fun and adventurous as it stimulates their creative mind visualizing what they are hearing. You can read almost anything to your toddler as long as they can learn from it.

There are books that teaches alphabet letters and numbers. Books with different shapes and patterns. Then there are the nice “feel and touch” books with different textures to help stimulate your toddlers vocabulary as they associate themselves with the word that goes with the specific texture. Bright and colourful books are great.

What makes this activity so beneficial? Reading teaches babies and toddlers about communication, builds listening and memory skills and provides information about the world.

One For You And One For Me

Sharing is caring. This is a very fun game to play with your toddler as you can use a whole bunch of different items. Take turns with your toddler distributing items between the two of you and say the words “one for you and one for me” You can make this game interesting by grouping items according to colours or shapes. You really can use anything that you can find in the house. What my toddler loves to play with is washing pegs. So no need to be fancy just scratch in your kitchen cupboard.

What makes this activity so beneficial? It teaches your toddler how to share growing up.

Spinning Around

Now I’m sure you are thinking to yourself that you are going to skip this one. Don’t. Body stimulation is just as important as mental stimulation. Toddlers need to learn and exercise on how to use their different body muscles. I want to tell you how extremely cute my daughter is. Whenever we tell her to dance she will spin around in circles and she believes she is dancing. That is her understanding.

What makes this activity so beneficial? It will help teach your toddler on how to do different activities using different muscles in their bodies. How to move around physically and improves memory as the body and mind it linked.

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