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Your parents and colleagues at work have been asking you numerous times “Is your baby sleeping in her own room yet?” You didn’t even think of moving baby to her own room. Not only is this question annoying as you didn’t quite yet make that decision and besides that, who says you want baby sleeping in her own room? But when the time comes nobody wants to struggle. Herewith are 5 tips to help you move your baby to her own room.

1. Decide When And Stick To It

The reason I’m saying this is because there is a huge difference between saying yes I’m in the process of moving my baby to her own room and actually doing to it. We’ve been there. As a mother there were many times were I agreed with my husband saying yes now is the time and then whenever we saw it didn’t work this mommy heart of mine softened and my daughter was straight back in the room with us. So make the decision as to when you want to begin moving baby and no matter how hard it seems in the beginning try to stick to it.

2. Have Plenty Of Patience

If you’re like me and your baby have been spending her entire life in your room and next to you, it is going to be difficult to get used to the idea of her sleeping in a separate room than yours. Currently you are used to her right next to you and both of you are enjoying a good night’s rest.

Take note that neither of you are going to favour the idea at first and she is going to fight against it and not want to go to sleep. So take things slowly and even if she sleeps in her own room for 30 minutes it is a start. Try to stretch it out every night and do not give in and discard the whole idea of moving baby like I did at first.

3. Say Goodbye To Sleeping For Now

When you’re moving baby to her own room the possibility is there that she is going to wake up several times at night and not want to go back go sleep again. This is perfectly normal and your baby isn’t used to not waking up next to you. So grab pillows and bottles of prepared milk, popcorn or whatever is needed and make yourself comfortable in her room until things go as planned. Trust me she will get used to the idea eventually and everyone will go to lalaland.

4. Install A Baby Monitor

You are going to stress about the idea of not being able to see your baby immediately after you opened your eyes. At first when she was sleeping soundly next to you you slept at ease. Having a baby monitor will make things much better as you will be able to look at your baby on the screen or hear the alarm go off if anything unforseen should happen.

5.ย  Get A Nice Night Light

Make your baby’s room pleasant for her. She is going to be unsettled in her new room and is going to need as much confort as she can get. Buy a night light that will play soothing sounds and lullabies and display peaceful pictures on the walls or ceiling. You can also get her a security toy or blanket. If your baby nit bothered by sounds at night I can assure you that she will enjoy the setting in her room and might fall asleep much quicker.

Pretty soon you will have your baby sleeping peacefully in her own room and you will have your bed and room to yourself again.

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