5 Helpful Ways To Cope With Prenatal Depression 1

You’ve probably heard that a baby changes everything. Once your adorable baby enters this world everything will be different. You might also find yourself dealing with some form of prenatal depression and anxiety. This is all normal and luckily there are many ways to make things easier.

1. Accept The Change

No one tells you how much of a difference it makes having a baby. Everyone is excited and talks about your baby’s name, room and all other happy and cute things. No one actually tells you how hard it is to raise a tiny person. Before we go further, just remember you are the mother of your child for a reason and you are incredible.

Keep in mind that things will be different than it was before. Where you once had all the time and freedom in the world to prioritize your own needs, you now have to take care your newborn baby. Remember your precious baby is completely dependent on your love and your care. Try to make peace with what was and enjoy the time spent with your sweet baby.

2. Take Things Slowly

Not only your mental health but your physical health has taken some strain after birth. For nine months your body and hormones changed and adjusted so that your baby can healthily grow inside you. Whether you delivered your baby vaginally or via a caesarian section it was equally tough. Take things slowly and allow time for proper recuperation. The sooner your body heals and you are able to get back into routine the better you will feel. Being a new mother has a lot to take in and learn, but your baby will guide you all the way.

3. Ask For Help

When you find that you are struggling to cope with your newborn baby and everyday tasks, ask for help. Don’t let things become out of hand and you need to struggle with prenatal depression. Also don’t think bad of yourself or think that you’ve become lazy if you need help. Many other moms and family members know what you are going through and they fully understand. Ask them to please come and hold your baby so that you can take a proper shower and feel fresh again. They will enjoy spending time with your baby and to lend a helping hand where needed.

4. Rest, Eat and Stay Hydrated

There are going to be many sleepless nights, no eating and cold coffee. You are going to need to get used to amd adapt to your baby’s schedule. Have you heard the phrase “sleep when baby sleeps”? There is a reason that you’ve heard it. Many mothers will sleep when their babies sleep l, because they know tjat when baby is awake there is little time for everything else.

Also remember to look after yourself. You will need to make time for yourself. Try to eat a healthy and nutritional meal every day and drink plenty of water. Hydration plays a huge role on your mood and may lead to unwell feelings.

5. Doctor’s Visit

If you’ve tried everything and it doesn’t seem to work it’s best to contact your doctor. Going through prenatal depression is only temporary and it will blow over. If you are experiencing any feelings of harming yourself or your baby it is strongly advised to see a doctor that specializes with anxiety and depression. The doctor will be able to help you and describe short-term medication that will boost your mood.

Talking to someone always helps and it does wonders. Just remember whatever you are facing now will be over in no time and you will be a happy mommy. Be strong and believe in yourself and believe that God will help you through this. You are never alone.

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