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It’s the most wonderful feeling to finally meet your newborn baby after a c-section, but dealing with the pain afterwards is unpleasant. a C-section involves major surgery and cutting through multiple layers of skin and fat can take months to heal. There are however ways to speed up caesarian recovery.

Plenty Of Rest

The most important thing to do is to rest. They will also tell you this at the hospital. My nurse advised me to stay in bed and to avoid doing too much chores. I can still remember the excruciating pain I felt when I tried moving for the first time after I had my caesarian surgery.

Whilst laying in the hospital bed a nurse came up to me and asked me if I’m ready to sit up. I was very excited and of course I said yes. I mean my baby was just born and I didn’t want to lay in bed the whole day. I needed to take care of her. So the nurse held her arm out to me and told me to grab onto it and to apply pressure on my wound with my other hand. As I slowly lifted myself forward I wanted to scream out loudly. It was so sore I layed down again.

The nurse told me that the more I move the quicker I will get used to the pain and my body can heal faster. She told me to listen to my body, because then my caesarian recovery will be much better.

So the best advice there is is to rest. Rest as much as possible. It isn’t always easy to do so with a newborn baby, but it is very important. Aslo accept the help from your partner and let them change your baby’s dirty diapers.

Move Slowly

Staying in bed is important, but it can also prolong healing. If you’ve experienced complications during delivery or your doctor advised you to stay in bed do so. However if your wound allows it you can start moving around. Take things slowly and be careful as you do not want the stiches to tear. Doctors advise to avoid driving a car until your wound has healed. It takes roughly 4 – 6 weeks for a caesarian wound to heal.

Take Pain Medication

If the pain is too much to handle you may take pain medication. I remember how drugged I felt whilst being in the hospital. Initially I wanted to give birth to my daughter vaginally, but God had other plans for us and she was delivered via a planned c-section. I was also given a spinal epidural which thankfully made my lower body numb. Everything went perfect. I remember I had a drip connected to my arm after surgery. The nurses told me that it’s painkillers and whenever I am in paid I can just press the button. I pressed it for a good couple of times.

There are plenty of medications that works wonderful for pain relief. If you are breastfeeding first make sure if it is safe to use and will not negatively affect your baby. Your doctor would’ve probably prescribed pain medication that will help speed up your caesarian recovery.

Nutrition Is Key

a Woman’s body goes trough a lot during birth. Whether it’s vaginally or via c-section. It’s a big change and your body fought hard carrying and delivering your newborn baby. Healthy nutrition is very important. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods containg vitamins and minerals. This will speed up your caesarian recovery and give you a boost of energy.

Change Your Breastfeeding Position

If you are breastfeeding your baby try to position in such a way that it will benefit both of you. a Great position to think of is the Laying Down position. Lay comfortably on the bed and grab some pillows if needed and place it under your back. Let your baby lay next to you while nursing. This will allow you to relax and you can enjoy breastfeeding and cuddling your baby.

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