5 Important Self Care Tips During Lock Down 1

Being told to stay indoors and to avoid social contact with family and friends can be quite a challenge. a Lock down period can leave you feeling isolated and depressed. It isn’t nice not being able to go outside. On a positive note, the corona virus pandemic has taught us how to practice extra self care. I have listed a couple of ways to take care of yourself at home during lock down below.

1. Eat Three Main Meals

You already know that the most important meal of a day is breakfast. There is a reason for that. a Nutritional breakfast doesn’t only kick start your day, it also provides plenty of calories. This gives you energy throughout the day. It is also very important to eat supper and dinner. This ensures that your body receives plenty of healthy vitamins, minerals and calories to complete daily activities. For an extra boost you can snack on fruits, nuts and other healthy foods.

2. Meditate

Being at home during lock down doesn’t necessarily mean that you are enjoying an unplanned holiday and having fun. Things can go crazy if you need to work from home and you’re a parent that now needs to teach your children home schooling. It is very important for you to be relaxed and calm in your environment and meditating will help you with that. Try to find a time and a quiet place and block yourself out from the world.

Sit back, close your eyes and just unwind and relax and find yourself again. There is a huge variety of meditation music and techniques online. Meditating can be as short as as 10 minutes or 30 minutes and longer. It has many health benefits and will help you handle daily stresses easier.

3. Drink 2 Liters Of Water

Staying hydrated is vitally important. Drinking water helps maintain energy levels and ensures healthy brain functioning. According to science even a small amount of dehydration can affect normal brain functioning. If you are someone that will forget to drink water, you can buy a 2 litre water bottle and download one of the many apps that will remind you to drink water.

4. Read Your Favorite Book

If you manage to find a quiet time read a book. In today’s modern and technology clever world we spend so much time in front of a television and our mobile devices. We seldom get time to enjoy nature and miss out on other fun activities. With the lock down it is forcing us even more to spend time in front of mobile devices as we are not allowed to socialize. Reading is relaxing and good for mental health.

5. As Fit As A Fiddle

Me and my husband have both started exercising, and I can tell you it has boosted our energy levels a lot. Being parents of a toddler and needing to run after one daily during lock down is absolutely exhausting. You just want to sit down and take a break, but that isn’t possible. Exercise gives you energy, improves your health and mood, maintains healthy weight gain and helps with blood sugar levels and insulin. Aftet the lock down you can go show off your tight abs at work.

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