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You have probably received plenty of baby clothes and essentials at your baby shower. Now that your precious baby is born and is still a newborn you are going to need specific items more than others. Read below about 5 important things that you need for a newborn baby.


A good quality thermometer is a must have and something that you need for a newborn baby. It will always be helpful whenever you need a second opinion. Remember your baby is not capable of regulating his own body temperature yet and can lose body heat fast. In fact, babies can lose heat up to four times faster than adults. So it is up to you to ensure that your baby stays warm and make sure to add a beanie and socks to your babies outfit. The ideal temperature for babies are about 36.4C (97.5F). Also be careful not to overdress your baby.

2. Nasal Aspirator

Newborn babies noses are very sensitive. Every dust particle will make that little nose sneeze and their noses can become congested quite easily. A Nasal aspirator works perfect to suck out trapped mucus from your babies nose. You can use baby saline nose drops to loosen the mucus first and then use the aspirator to clear the nose.

3. Nursing Pillow

I still remember the early days when I breastfed my daghter. I used to sit with her for hours on the couch or on the bed and she would fall asleep in my arms. At first I thought “Oh wonderful, I am going to get nice and strong arms” but that wasn’t how it turned out. As a new mother you are so overtired and drained. Having to sit with a baby in your arms for long periods of times can be very strenuous on your body. Luckily my mother in law purchased a nice nursing pillow for me and honestly it was a lifesaver. I could sit back and relax my arms while my daughter nursed on happily.

4. Reveiving blankets

Newborn babies must have recieving blankest. They are very versatile and they have many uses. Many newborn babies like to be wrapped up tighly like small cocoons. Its called being swaddled. Newborn babies have what is called “startle reflex”. By swaddling your baby you will help him not to wake up from his own reflexes, help him feel comfortable and secure.

5. Baby wrap

Your newborn baby is going to want to be in your arms constantly. You will struggle to prepare a meal, check your messages and taking a shower. These are all part of the joys of having a newborn baby. By getting yourself a baby wrap you will be able to still be mobile around the house while carrying your baby warm against your chest. Some babies even prefer their mothers to walk around holding them. Luckily my daughter fell asleep while I was sitting with her so I didn’t need to rock her to sleep.

Don’t worry the newborn stage blows over quite quickly and with the above items things will be much easier for you as a new mom. Try to get the things you need for a newborn baby and make life a little easier for yourself.

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