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Is your baby’s diaper leaking? Then it can be that you aren’t using the right diaper for your baby.

Is there a difference in baby diapers?

Definitely. All baby diapers are different from eachother. They are all made to cater for specific needs. With a whole lot of brands it can be difficult to choose the right one, but luckily there are guidelines and advice to follow that will help you choose the right baby diaper.

1. Consider Your Baby’s Weight

Babies are all built differently just like adults. Some babies are chubby and some are petite, some are tall and some are shorter. So choose a diaper that will work best for your baby. One that will fit perfectly around your baby’s body. I personally prefer Huggies Intelligent Fit. The reason that I like this diaper is because it fits my tall petite daughter perfectly. It has a stretchy waistband and prevents sagging.

There are diapers that didn’t work on my daughter so I had to see what worked best.  Just keep in mind to buy the correct size for your baby. If your baby is on the bigger size the stretchy waistband might count in your favour. Some diapers also has a wider opening at the legs.

2. Consider The Amount Of Diapers Your Baby Uses

Some babies wet 3 diapers a day where others wet 5 a day. This all depends on the amount of fluid intake. If your baby has a lot of wet diapers and it’s prone to leakages you want to buy a diaper that prevents leakages. Again I am going to revert back to my favourite diaper. It’s also from Huggies and it’s called “Dry Comfort”.

The diaper has leakguards at the waistband aswell as the inner and outer corners of the leg openings. It also has absorbent lock gel that absorbs all the liquid keeping it dry and more comfortable for your baby. Opt work diapers with the words, absorbent, no leaking and dry comfort.

3. Convenience Is Very Important

You will want a baby diaper that works best for your baby. Seeing that a baby wears a diaper since the day that they are born until they are about four you want them to feel comfortable. The diaper must fit right and do what it should. Like I said before with so many brands out there to choose from it can be difficult to find the right one, but don’t give up.

If you are a mommy that still prefers cloth diapers because they look so adorable and they work best in your and your baby’s favor buy them. If your a mommy that is always in a rush disposable diapers are going to work best. Just make sure that the diaper is convenient for your baby.

4. What If My Baby Has Sensitive Skin.

No problem. There are many diapers that will work for your baby’s sensitive bum. Many diapers contain gels, lotions, parabens, and all sorts of other materials that might irritate your baby’s skin. If your baby is prone to rashes be careful of the baby diaper that you chose. Always look out for the word “sensitive” on the pack.

Cloth diapers does work well because it doesn’t contain all of the above irritants, but then you have to go back and wash the diaper afterwards. But in the end it depends on your baby. Plant-based and odor free diapers will work great.

5.  Are You Buying On A Budget.

Thankfully many diapers offer the same features. If you are buying diapers on a tight budget stay away from fancy and expensive one’s that has a wetness indicator for example. You will know when it is the right time to change your baby’s diaper. If it works for you buy it by all means. Fancy brands isn’t always better than cheaper brands. There are many well-known brands that work just great you just need to find the right one.

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