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Being a mother, a wife and running your own business can be physically and mentally exhausting. Motherhood is so incredibly wonderful but also very stressful and tiring. Do you agree with me mommy? We need some self-care. I’m very certain that you also feel like you need a long holiday enjoying it just by yourself. But in reality that isn’t always going to happen so you will have to find other ways to enjoy some time off. The key is so practice self-care.

What is Self-Care For Moms?

Self-care is when you put yourself first for a change and push the rest of the world aside. You are not forgetting about your children, husband or duties, you are simply taking a break from it all to focus on your own health and well-being. We as mothers often tend to forget about our own happiness and we sacrifice so many things in order for our families to be happy. In the end we feel overwhelmed, pity ourselves and love to blame others.


Why is Self-Care Important For Moms?

In order to be a “perfect” mom you need to feel good and be in a happy space. I need to say, juggling between being a mother, a wife and trying to stay focussed at work while being overly tired does get to me sometimes and it’s definitely not nice. I want to look good and feel refreshed. When you focus on your mental, emotional and physical health and you are happy, everything else will be easier. You will be able to handle things better, think positive and have much more energy!

Things To Do As A Mom

There are many things that you can do to relax and unwind a bit. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune as long as it is something that will help you focus on your well-being. Below is a couple of self-care ideas for you as a mom.

Sleep for as long as you possibly can

I’m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is sleep. Sleep is extremely important and plays a huge role in many things. Don’t we all feel sleeo deprived? Take a day off, drop your children at daycare or at grandma and sleep for as long as possible. You will feel wonderful and refreshed. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

Book a day at the spa

I’m sure before you had children you often went for manicure and pedicures. Book a nice full body massage at a spa and go and do your hair. This will boost your confidence and self-image and you will feel lovely afterwards.

Join a yoga class

Exercise has many benefits. A simple stroll around the block will do wonders. The fresh air will lift your spirit and give your skin a nice glow. Yoga improves energy and vitality, increases flexibility and muscle strength and aids in circulatory health.

Go on a coffee date with your mom

There’s no other cure like a date with mom. I love going to the mall with my mother and shop for clothes or drink a coffee. It will give you plenty of time to talk and gossip.

Read a book or watch a movie

Reading is very therapeutic. It also helps you to relax. Go to the library and rent a book from your favourite author. Alternatively you can also draw or write in a diary. It will have the same effect.

When you practice self-care on a regular basis you will soon find yourself again everything will be much better.

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