6 Tips To Win At Being A Calm Mom 1

What is worst than finally having time for yourself and boom you need to wipe a but or find a squishy toy somewhere in the house? Being a calm mom is extremely difficult. It can however be mastered by doing the following things.

1. Be well-rested

Get enough sleep mommy! I have noticed many times that when I don’t get enough sleep at night I am tired and moody the next day. I lack energy and focus and I just want to chill on the couch and do my own things. To be well-rested is very important. Try to sleep for at least 6 – 8 hours at night if possible.

What I do these days is as soon as my toddler falls asleep at night I will take a relaxing shower and climb into bed. By doing things this way I get in a good 10 hours of sleep at night. Although it is early in the evening and you are going to miss out on your favorite series, it has its benefits. You will get up in the morning with a blast of energy and more than happy to face the day.

2. Prioritize Yourself

Although this might sound selfish it is not. Being a mother, wife and employed is a heck of a job and you can be proud of yourself for managing. It’s 3 jobs in one. In order to be a calm mom you need to set time aside for yourself. By doing so you’re not neglecting your children or spouse so you don’t need to feel guilty. You are simply taking care of your own well-being too. Spend a day all by yourself and read an interesting book, sit outside in the sun and get some vitamin d, enjoy a hobby or go to a luxurious spa.

3. Exercise and Meditate

Daily stress can cause migraines, body aches, depression and anxiety. As moms we are often so busy taking care of our family’s well-being that we forget about ourselves. I remember the time when I had a flat stomach and my four pack showed underneath my t-shirt. I felt pretty good! I was happy and confident with myself. These days I don’t make time to exercise even if I should. Exercising releases endorphins and chemicals that helps your relax and feel good. These chemicals are important and will help you to be a calm mom.

4. Mom Talk

Open up to a friend or a relative. Moms have a lot in common and can talk for hours. Open up to a mom friend or a family member and speak about how your days went, what your children did at school or just anything that’s enlightening. Talking and getting the load off your shoulders does wonders for the body and mind. You will feel much better and have a smile on your face.

5. Be Patient

Things aren’t always going to go as you want them to. There are going to be those days where everything goes wrong. You are late for work, you can’t get your children out of bed and your husband is as cool as a cucumber just wandering around. This is all normal and you can’t change it. As soon as you accept this things will be better trust me. Children will be children and they have plenty of learning growing up. Being a calm mom is better than an angry mom.

6. Pray

Prayer is powerful. If you have done everything and you are still struggling with some mother issues, pray to God. God is always there to listen with open arms to His children. One single prayer does alot.

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