7 Good Reasons Why Children Should Play Outdoors 1

In today’s modern world children are used to being indoors. Watching television, playing computer games and listening to music on ipods is the norm. It is however very important to allow your children to play outdoors and here’s why.

1. Healthier Immune Systems

Allowing your children to play outdoors will expose them to plenty of benefits. One of these benefits is fresh air. Fresh air is essential for normal brain functioning, mental focus and provides energy. Your children will also be exposed to germs and bacteria that will allow healthier and stronger immune systems.

2. “Sunshine” Vitamin

When the sun is shining open the doors. Sunny days are important and there is a huge amount of outdoor activities that your children can enjoy. Sunshine provides vitamin D which is important for normal growth and development. It also helps fight diseases. Just remember to tell your children to not forget to wear sunscreen.

3. Calmer Children

Children that play outdoors are calmer in general. It allows them to escape crowded places and stressful situations. When your children are outdoors they are able to run free, make loud noises and express themselves freely.

4. Improves Sensory Skills

There are a huge variety of sounds and objects to learn from outdoors. Outdoor activities and playtime will improve your children’s listening, hearing and memory skills.

5. Creative Skills

Nature stimulates creativity. There are many activities that encourages creativity such as drawing in the sand, counting stones and observing plants, trees, flowers and nature itself. Your children can learn plenty of things if they play outdoors.

6. Improves Physical Skills

With a bigger space outdoors your children can run freely and participate in certain activities that they cannot do indoors. Your children will be able to run, climb, roll, jump and focus on athletic skills.

7. Exploring Time

Outdoor activities will allow your children to explore. This will build their challenging and risk assessment skills and will give them courage to push their boundaries.

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