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It’s not very nice to have swollen feet during pregnancy. It’s already embarrassing walking around with ogre like feet and it’s sore and uncomfortable aswell. During pregnancy fluid increases in a woman’s body and circulation decreases, causing your feet, hands and even in some cases your face to swell. I have included some tips on reducing the pain in your sore pregnancy feet.

Sit Back With Your Feet Up

One of the best things that you can do is to rest during your pregnancy. Try to take as many breaks as you can. Your feet are swollen and it should adjust to carrying all the extra weight that you gain throughout your pregnancy journey. Find yourself a comfortable chair with soft pillows or lie flat on your back on the bed and lift your sore pregnancy feet from the floor. This will help the blood to circulate out of your feet and the throbbing pain will start to decrease.

Foot Spa With A Cup Of Tea

I wanted to say with a cup of wine, but seeing that you are pregnant wine isn’t really an option for you now so tea will have to do. Luckily rooibos tea is in fact very health for both you and your unborn baby. Make time to use your foot spa for at least 30 minutes every day. This will keep your feet soft and hydrated and will relieve all the pain and tension caused during the day. You can also add some nice and aromatic essential oils to it. Just ensure to read the label first before you use it as some oils are best to avoid during pregnancy.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids And Water

I know it sounds strange to get rid of water in your body with water, but water actually reduces water retension. Stay hydrated by drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water per day. It will also cleanse and flush all the bad things out of your body. It will reduce the swelling in your sore pregnancy feet.

Welcome Foot Massages

A massage is always welcome and has a lot of benefits involved. If you are still early in your pregnancy and you can manage, massage your feet in circular motions with a nice foot lotion. If you are further in your pregnancy and you can’t reach nor see your feet anymore it’s time to ask your husband or a friend to massage your feet for you.  This will not only help with the ache, but it will also help you to relax overall.

Wear Loose Clothing And Comfortable Shoes

The last thing that you would want to do is wear shoes or clothes that are tight. Firstly it will make you feel uncomfortable and secondly it will hinder your blood circulation causing more swelling and discomfort. Dress in comfy tights and oversize clothes and wear your slippers as much as possible. Going bare feet will also help.

No More Sleeping On Your Back

You are probably already aware that you should avoid sleeping on your back during pregnancy as it can have a negative effect on your unborn baby. It is advised to sleep on your sides and preferably your left side. The reason for this is that it increases blood flow to your fetus and reduces swelling of your feet.

Walk It Off Around The Block

I know this doesn’t sound too right does it? But by staying active is going to give you many benefits. A simple walk around the block will give you an energy boost and will boost your mood. It is also going to keep the blood flow circulating in your feet preventing discomfort and swelling.

Pregnancy feet are not nice, but rest assured that it will go away after a couple of days and your feet will be as good as new again. No more sore pregnancy feet!

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