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Just when you think you’re finally done with a stressful day at work, another job awaits for you at home. Cooking, cleaning, being a wife and a mother is not a joke and it can take a toll on a mom if you don’t have an evening routine set in place.

Evening Routine? Or No Routine?

Firstly, not everyone likes routines, but some of us just can’t survive without one.  If you are a mother that like routines you came to the right place and I am going to tell you just what to do to have things running smoother when you get home from work. You won’t necessarily be able to cook a three course meal and relax in a hot bubble bath with candles, but things will go much better. You, your husband and children  will benefit from it.

This is what my evenings looked like before I had an evening routine…

After a long day at work I would drive to day-care to fetch my daughter. The minute I got at home I drop my bags on the floor, unclip my bra, put my daughter on my breast, put the tv on and sit back and relax on the couch until my husband comes home from work.

Does this sound familiar? Are you also guilty of this? Honestly it worked for me and for my daughter, but not for my husband. He wasn’t very pleased. There was nothing to eat, my bags were laying in the middle of the kitchen floor and there I was sitting watching tv as if I’m unable to do anything else. And the best part is I still asked him to bring me a glass of water. I know this sounds funny, but honesly I would’ve been upset too. So I thought I will have to do something that will work for all of us.

I put an evening routine in place.

This is what it looks like currently with my evening routine set in place…

When I get home from work I put my daughter on her play mat with her toys to keep her entertained. I then put my bag in my room and the nappy bag in her room. When I go back to the kitchen I will start preparing the meal that I already decided on during the day. While busy in the kitchen I am still able to keep an eye on my daughter. When I’m done with that. I pick her up and feed her, read a story and play with her for a while.

By that time my husband comes home from work. He will then spend time with my daughter either by playing with her, also reading a story or they will watch tv together. That is when I return to the kitchen to finish the meal. After that we will bath our daughter at 7pm and give her her last bottle for the night and put her to bed. When she’s asleep me and my husband will enjoy our food together, talk a bit and one of us will wash the dishes afterwards.

What are the differences?

*Prepared Meal vs No Meal

*Packed away bags vs Bags laying around

*Happy husband vs Grumpy husband

*Story and play time spent with daughter vs Sleeping

*Quality time with husband vs Arguing

*Washed dishes vs Dirty Kitchen

*Clean house vs Untidy house

Can you see the differences? Take note, this does not happen every night. There are always those evenings where we haven’t decided on what to eat because both of us were too busy at work. Evenings when our daughter decides to wake up 30 minutes after she fell asleep and evenings when the dishes were left for the next day. Evening routines need to be followed consistently for it to actually work.

But what I had learned is that with an evening routine in place things do go much better and you get time to spend with everyone.

Ideas For Evening Routines

1. Plan meals in advance

2. Set a specific time to do specific tasks

3. Don’t leave things for the next day

4. Do as much as you can

5. Try to clean up after yourself

6. Pack your children’s toys away

7. Be kind and happy

8. Smile

Pretty soon you wil realize that you’ve gotten used to the new setup and will be very thankful for it.

Mamas Blossom


Written by

Leana Lourens

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