Achieving Success With Babies And Cats 1

Achieving Succes With Babies And Cats

Before I gave birth to my darling daughter my cat was the baby of the house. He was a very happy cat and me and my husband gave him all the attention in the world. However, when we brought our daughter home from hospital things changed completely. Baby started receiving all the attention and we pushed our cat aside. Sadly, no one wants things to be this way, but with the new household it happens and can be quite a challenge.

So to help you have a purrfect household I have included a few tips on how to achieve success with babies and cats.

Achieving success with babies and cats

Bringing Baby Home

Babies and cats should be safely introduced to each other. Animals have different instincts than humans and your cat might think that your baby is an intruder and can harm him or her. If you are afraid, take one of baby’s socks or blankets and let your cat smell that first and get used to your baby’s scent. You may be lucky and your cat will accept your baby right away.

If your cat is jealous or disapproves of baby you will have to handle the situation the way that works best for you. But eventually your cat will accept the new member of the household. Babies and cats can have a harmonious friendship when they get along. You will also be able to pick up whether your baby might be allergic to pet fur or not.

If it so happens that your baby is allergic try to keep your cat out of the room until the reaction subsides. Thankfully my daughter is not allergic and our cat loves her.

Have A Lot Of Patience

All your attention are going to go to your new baby and you are going to have no time for anything else. You will have also to find ways to cope and survive the situation. Remember your cat is also a child in your eyes and relies on you just as much as your baby and children. They want to be pet and fed and needs reassurance that you are still there for them. (PS there were times when I thought my cat doesn’t like me anymore because he fought so hard for my attention and I just couldn’t give it to him)

It is going to take plenty of time for everyone to adjust to the new household, so be patient and know that eventually things will settle down and you will be capable of giving equal attention to everyone.

Be Purr-active

Make time for your furrchild. Always be friendly and nice. Ensure that the food and water bowls don’t go empty and if there is no time to play with your cat always greet them when you come home from work. A very helpful tip is by buying a new toy or scratch post to keep them occupied and happy.

The times when I sat with my daughter my husband would play with our cat and entertain him and vice versa.

Take Precautions

I am sure you have heard of Toxoplasmosis and the risks associated with it. It is advised to get rid of your cat because your baby can get the disease. It is also said that babies and cats should be kept apart from each other. However it is proven that pregnant women are more likely to catch the disease when cleaning and emptying a cats litter box, and not washing their hands thoroughly thereafter. So don’t worry, you do not have to give your precious furrchild away, but always wash your hands and keep the sanitizer nearby.

A cat laying on a chair

Interesting Myths And Facts

“A cat will suffocate a baby by laying on its face”

If it so happens that you find your cat laying by your baby it will not be on baby’s face. Instead, your cat will lay next to your baby or in the crib simply because it loves your baby and is seeking affection or warmth.

“When baby is asleep cats steal their breath”

This is by far the most bizarre myth out of them all. Have you ever read a newspaper title saying the above? No. It will not happen. We all know cats are capable of so many things and will rule the earth one day, but currently they cannot steal someones breath.

“A cat can tell when you are pregnant”

Your cat is definitely capable of telling that you are pregnant. Animals have the instinct to pick up on things very fast. They are able to identify when you are in pain, sick or if something is different than before.

“After a baby drank milk a cat will lick the milk off from baby’s face”

This can happen, but is also highly unlikely. Firstly cats are not supposed to drink milk because it is said to be unhealthy for them and whenever my baby feeds my cat isn’t near.

Long Lasting Friendship

If you want your baby and cat to share a long and lasting friendship try to use the above given advice. Yes it seems difficult in the beginning but in the end things will work out perfectly for everyone and be assured that a harmonious bond is formed.

Thank you for the reading my story.

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