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Important Reason Why Babies Can't Eat Honey 1

Important Reason Why Babies Can’t Eat Honey

Many people love honey. It’s obvious because its very healthy and tastes so good. We as parents want to introduce our children to all the healthy food and drinks. Take note that babies can’t eat honey before the age of 12 months. Some Background On Honey Honey is made by bees. It is a natural …

Important Reason Why Babies Can't Eat Honey 2

My Baby Is Struggling With Gas, How Can I Help

It’s not nice to see your baby struggling with gas and crying in pain. The aim is to get the winds out as soon as possible to relieve your baby from discomfort. What is Gas? Everyone has gas. Gas is formed by the air we swallow while eating, drinking, talking and simply breathing. Too much …

Important Reason Why Babies Can't Eat Honey 3

5 Tips To Transition From Bottle To A Cup

Your baby is growing daily and gaining more and more knowledge on how to do many activities. If the time is right for your baby to transition from bottle to a cup here are some tips that will help with the transitioning. Babies love learning and doing things by themselves. It gives them a big …

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7 Types Of Moms Which One Are You?

Are you the mom that’s adored by all other moms? Or are you the mom that prefers to keep a distance when it comes to social gatherings? There are different types of moms. Read below to identify which one are you. 1. The Soft mom I definitely fall within this category. I fall into this …

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5 Fun And Stimulating Toddler Activities

Toddlers like to learn. They absorb absolutely everything around them from what they see and hear right onto the crumbs laying on the floor. With a growing mind and body they need constant stimulation in order to be great adults one day. Here are some educational toddler activities that you both can do. Hide and Seek …

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How To Cope As A Family During Lockdown

I thought of writing this post while I’m sitting in the living room on my couch and finally have some time to relax. My husband just left to the shop to buy some necessities and my daughter is fast asleep. That’s when the words went through my head…. “How to Adapt As A Family During …

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Mom Care

5 Important Self Care Tips During Lock Down

Being told to stay indoors and to avoid social contact with family and friends can be quite a challenge. a Lock down period can leave you feeling isolated and depressed. It isn’t nice not being able to go outside. On a positive note, the corona virus pandemic has taught us how to practice extra self …

Important Reason Why Babies Can't Eat Honey 10

6 Ways To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus

Lately the “Corona Virus” or “Covid-19” is everywhere on the news. It’s pretty scary as the virus is extremely contagious and if you unfortunately get it you will be placed under quarantine. This will be until you no longer show signs of being infected with the virus or pose a threat of infecting other people. There …

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