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Babies are extremely clever and they are always eager to learn. By the time that your baby is about 4 – 7 months old he will be ready to start sitting up.

At What Age Must Babies Start Sitting

Every baby is different. Some babies may show signs that they are ready to sit at 5 months, while other babies only sit at 7 months. The average age for babies to learn this milestone ranges from 4 – 7 months. Your baby will also show signs that he is ready to sit. It is very important to not force your baby until the signs for readiness are there. Sitting takes time.

How Do I Know That My Baby Is Ready To Sit

Your baby will be ready to sit when he has mastered a couple of previous skills. He will have steady head and neck control, be able to roll over onto his tummy and push himself up on his arms. When your baby have mastered these skills you can know that it’s time to start practicing sitting. Remember your baby will find this new skill difficult and his body will wobble and he will fall over many times.

Ways To Help Baby With Sitting

Take note that you will need to help your baby with learning this skill. There are many ways how you can help your baby. Find a soft, steady and comfortable surface like the bed or a carpet and place your baby in a sitting position on his butt. Place soft pillows around your baby to help him keep his balance. In the beginning your baby will fall over, but this is because his spine is not fully developed yet and he is not yet capable of supporting his body in a sitting position.  Remember that learning a new skill takes time. So start slowly and let your baby sit a bit longer every day.


Place soft pillows around your baby to help him keep upright. The pillows are also very beneficial because when your baby fall over it will be against something soft.

Nursing Pillow

Many parents use a nursing pillow to help their baby to learn to sit. Place the pillow around your baby and whalah! baby will have a nice balance.

Babies Own Hands

Make sure to use your babies hands when he is learning to sit. His hands will help him support his body and he will soon learn that he can lean onto them.

Is It Necessary For A Self-Help Chair?

It totally depends on yourself whether you want to buy a self help-chair for your baby or not. Me and my husband bought a chair, however it was too small and we decided that we are not going to buy another one and our daughter is sitting without the help of it. A self-help chair has it’s pros and cons. It’s really helpful and it’s especially great when you have to cook a meal or do washing and quickly place your baby in it. However your baby will have to eventually learn to sit without the help of one.

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If you are looking to buy one take a look at the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat.

Make Sitting Fun For Baby

Every new skill that your baby learn is an accomplishment. Learning isn’t always fun and games and can get boring. Make learning time fun for your baby by doing the following.


Place your babies toys around him or nearby. It will make learning fun and enjoyable for him.


Babies love seeing themselves in a mirror. Place your baby in front of a mirror when he is learning to sit. His focus will be better and he will love gazing at this friendly face smiling back at him.

Very soon you will notice that your baby can sit upright without your help and support. But until then Just keep helping youryoubaby baby until this milestone is reached.

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