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Why It's A Good Idea Ditching Baby Talk 1

Why It’s A Good Idea Ditching Baby Talk

Everybody adores a baby’s babbling and baby talk is totally unavoidable while communicating to your baby. However in the long run when it comes to your baby and learning it is best to stick to the point and to avoid using baby talk. What Is Baby Talk? Baby talk is when you use words and …

Why It's A Good Idea Ditching Baby Talk 2

5 Helpful Tips On Moving Baby To Own Room

Your parents and colleagues at work have been asking you numerous times “Is your baby sleeping in her own room yet?” You didn’t even think of moving baby to her own room. Not only is this question annoying as you didn’t quite yet make that decision and besides that, who says you want baby sleeping …

Why It's A Good Idea Ditching Baby Talk 14

Reading To Babies

Have you noticed how incredibly interested your baby is when you read to her? Your baby will start showing interest in reading from a very early age and there are plenty of benefits involved in it. Most mommies even read to their unborn babies during pregnancy. Why Do Babies Enjoy Reading So Much? All babies …

Why It's A Good Idea Ditching Baby Talk 15

Can I Give My Baby Rooibos Tea?

Have you ever wondered if you can give your baby rooibos tea? Or if it will help your baby sleep better at night? I know your parents told you that you drank it and you slept like the sweetest baby. Well, rooibos tea is one of the most healthiest drinks in the world and it’s …

Why It's A Good Idea Ditching Baby Talk 16

The Importance Of Baby Sunscreen

Your baby’s delicate skin needs protection from the harsh rays of the sun. During the hot summer months we love to take a drive to the beach or a park and spend time with our family outdoors. The sun can have a very bad effect on your baby’s skin so you might want to consider …

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Babies and Sitting

Babies are extremely clever and they are always eager to learn. By the time that your baby is about 4 – 7 months old he will be ready to start sitting up. At What Age Must Babies Start Sitting Every baby is different. Some babies may show signs that they are ready to sit at …

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