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Why I let My Toddler Co-Sleep With Me 2

10 Healthy Homemade Baby Food Ideas

Is your baby ready to have his first mouthful of solid food? Feeding your baby his first meal is a very exciting time. Below is a list of healthy and nutritional baby homemade food ideas. How will I know if my baby is ready to eat solid food? Babies are usually ready to eat solid …

Why I let My Toddler Co-Sleep With Me 3

Important Reason Why Babies Can’t Eat Honey

Many people love honey. It’s obvious because its very healthy and tastes so good. We as parents want to introduce our children to all the healthy food and drinks. Take note that babies can’t eat honey before the age of 12 months. Some Background On Honey Honey is made by bees. It is a natural …

Why I let My Toddler Co-Sleep With Me 4

My Baby Is Struggling With Gas, How Can I Help

It’s not nice to see your baby struggling with gas and crying in pain. The aim is to get the winds out as soon as possible to relieve your baby from discomfort. What is Gas? Everyone has gas. Gas is formed by the air we swallow while eating, drinking, talking and simply breathing. Too much …

Why I let My Toddler Co-Sleep With Me 5

5 Tips To Transition From Bottle To A Cup

Your baby is growing daily and gaining more and more knowledge on how to do many activities. If the time is right for your baby to transition from bottle to a cup here are some tips that will help with the transitioning. Babies love learning and doing things by themselves. It gives them a big …

Why I let My Toddler Co-Sleep With Me 7

Why It’s A Good Idea Ditching Baby Talk

Everybody adores a baby’s babbling and baby talk is totally unavoidable while communicating to your baby. However in the long run when it comes to your baby and learning it is best to stick to the point and to avoid using baby talk. What Is Baby Talk? Baby talk is when you use words and …

Why I let My Toddler Co-Sleep With Me 8

5 Helpful Tips On Moving Baby To Own Room

Your parents and colleagues at work have been asking you numerous times “Is your baby sleeping in her own room yet?” You didn’t even think of moving baby to her own room. Not only is this question annoying as you didn’t quite yet make that decision and besides that, who says you want baby sleeping …

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