Getting Rid Of That Terrible "December Blues" 1

Are you still thinking of the fun times you had during the holiday and the times spent with your family? Wishing to still be at home and sitting back relaxing…. Well it’s time to kiss last year goodbye and drop that december blues. I know it’s difficult and I myself haven’t adapted to the new year yet, but there are ways to make things a little easier.

1. Positive Thoughts Only

It’s difficult to be happy about going back to work and leaving your children at daycare. I experienced a difficult situation which gave me the blues. After spending two long weeks together with my husband and daughter, she got clingy and cried after me when I dropped her off at daycare this week. It made me very sad for her because I miss her just as much and it would’ve been much better to stay at home with her a bit longer. But it’s a new year and time isn’t standing still so the sooner things go back to normal the better. Try to be positive.

2. Smile And The Whole World Will Smile With You

But who is in the mood to smile after you’ve came back from having a feast of a time? And especially when people keep on asking you “But why are you so tired?” “You just came back from holiday” “You must surely be well-rested? ”

That question irritates the living crap out of me and I feel like I want to stand on top of a mountain and yell to the world that I’m a mom, I don’t rest ever. I’m so tired and I feel I want to hybernate for days like a big old grizzly bear. People don’t always understand the situation if they’re not in it themselves. So instead of being rude, just explain to them and do it with a smile. They will get the picture and might even offer to help you out withtthat difficult task at work.

3.  Think Before You Speak

It’s very tough to adapt to everything that the new year brings. School starts, clothes and stationary needs to be bought, baby needs to be dropped off at daycare, you need to be on time for work and many more. This time of the year gives many people the blues. Being under pressure usually makes us say things that we shouldn’t have. Try to count till 10 before you say or respond to something which will help prevent unnecessary conflict in any situation and avoid saying things that you might regret later on.

4.  Breath In, Breath Out

It’s not always possible, but you need to give yourself all the time that you need in order to find yourself again. a Year can be quite long and festive season is usually full of fun, travelling and spending time with family. What seems like a period of resting may not necessarily be one. Take time to relax and rest whenever it is possible. In order to make the best of the new year and be there for others, you need to first be the best version of yourself. So breath in and exale slowly and know everything will go well and as planned.

5.  Baby Steps All The Way

Whatever you do don’t rush it. We all have scary deadlines or things that can’t wait, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. January takes time to adjust to and you can only do so much. So don’t be too hard on yourself  that will only leave you stressed and filled with unwanted headaches and blues. Believe that you are able to do the unimaginable in this new year.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

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