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Your precious baby is getting cuter and wiser by the day. Now that she has discovered her hands and are grabbing at every single object in sight, picking up finger foods and trying to wave at you, you are probably wondering whether she will be left or right-handed.

At What Age Can One Tell Whether Your Baby Is Left Or Right-Handed?

You will be able to tell this when your baby is close to having her first birthday. Baby’s only start using their dominant hand anywhere from 12 to 18 months and older. Before that they use both of their tiny hands equally and will swop objects back and forth as their hand muscles get tired.

When the time comes you will notice that your baby prefers using one hand over the other or she will most of the time grab objects with that hand. This is a clear indication of whether your baby is left or right-handed.

Let’s Talk About The Facts First

If you don’t know it yet 90% of people worldwide are right-handed, while the remaining 10% is left-handed. This is a huge difference. a Latest research shows that genes plays a big role in whether someone will be left or right-handed. In fact the research shows that it can already be discovered while a baby is still inside the mother’s womb. This is fantastic, but there is no proof of it and the reason why there is so little left-handed people still stays a mystery.

What Are The Possibilities That My Baby Will Be Left-Handed?

If your baby is yet to be a “Leftie” or “Southpaw” you might be able to tell it much sooner. Another research revealed that it is noticeable quicker when a baby is left-handed. Also genes does play a role. If 3 out of the 4 of your family members are left-handed the chances are good that your baby will join the group.

You might have yourself a very clever and artistic child. Left-handed people are unique in the way that they are usually musical, intuitive, emotional and great with advice and good listeners.

Some Fun Facts About Being Left-Handed

The below are interestingly all based on research and studies so there are some truth in it.

Left-handed people are more creative and intelligent than right-handed people. Think of the popular Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Pablo Picasso, they were all left handed and their work magnificent.

According to the meta-analysis of 144 brain lateral studies it was found that more men are left-handed than women. This is strange?

They use the right side of their brain more. The human brain is cross wired so it makes sense that left-handed people use their right brain more and right-handed people their left brain. That’s also where the joke “Only left-handed people are in their right minds” comes from.

They tend to suffer sleep deprivation. According to another study this is due to the fact that their brains are wired differently. I don’t know about this one because I am left-handed and I have no sleep problems.

They have more emotional intelligence. The right side of the brain is visual and initiative. Making left-handed people holistic thinkers, creative, imaginative and subjective.

They are better at multi-tasking. a Research shows that left-handed people respond quicker. This is because when the left hand is used it forces the brain to think and respond faster. But how is it then that more men are left-handed?

When it comes to being active and sport there is an overrepresentation of left-handedness in interactive sports such as cricket and table tennis.


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