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Many people love honey. It’s obvious because its very healthy and tastes so good. We as parents want to introduce our children to all the healthy food and drinks. Take note that babies can’t eat honey before the age of 12 months.

Some Background On Honey

Honey is made by bees. It is a natural sweet viscous food substance. Honey is also loaded with healthy nutritions such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and many more. In contrary to this honey is very dangerous for babies or infants. Babies can’t eat honey because it contains Clostridium Bacteria. This bacteria can cause Infant Botulism.

What Is Infant Botulism?

Infant Botulism usually affects babies that are between 3 weeks and 6 months old. The bacteria affects immature digestive systems and can spread to other internal organs. In severe cases it can lead to death in babies. Take note that this bacteria is harmless to older children and adults and can be enjoyed peacefully.

Symptoms And Signs Of Infant Botulism

There are a few obvious signs that your baby may be affected by the bacteria.

* Loss of appetite

* Weak facial and body muscles

* Excessive drooling

* Weak crying

If you suspect that your baby has Infant Botulism you need to contact a doctor immediately.

Other Healthy Alteratives

If you are like me you’d like to give your baby healthy and natural foods and drinks. Babies can’t eat honey but here is a list of what they can eat and drink.

* Rooibos tea – Rooibos is natural and completely healthy. It contains amtioxidants. Just add a small amount of brown sugar and your baby will love the taste.

* Water – Water is very important and needs to be consumed daily. Give baby sips of water throughout the day when thirsty.

* Natural Fruit Juice – Another great option is to make homemade fruit juice. Just be careful not to add any fruit as some can cause heartburn.

* Vegetables – Greens are very important and contain important vitamins and minerals. Prepare a delicious homemade baby puree with brocolli, spinach, butternut and sweet potatoes.

As soon as your baby reaches 1 year you can safely include honey into their diet and enjoy it together as a family.

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