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It’s not nice to see your baby struggling with gas and crying in pain. The aim is to get the winds out as soon as possible to relieve your baby from discomfort.

What is Gas?

Everyone has gas. Gas is formed by the air we swallow while eating, drinking, talking and simply breathing. Too much gas causes winds. Symptoms hereof is excessive burping, bloating and passing gas.

Why Do Babies Become Gassy

All babies are different from eachother. However many babies are prone to being gassy. Some babies will bring up winds quite easily while other babies are struggling with gas. Thankfully my toddler daughter never had any problems with gas when she was still a baby. She may have had a couple of sore and uncomfortable winds, but she was never a gassy baby.

The fact that babies have immature digestive systems plays a huge role on whether they”ll be struggling with winds or not. Their system is not yet fully developed so it doesn’t always know what to do with the food they eat.

There are also other things that can cause gas in a baby.

* Swallowing air while drinking – Gas is air. While we eat and drink we swallow air and too much of it causes winds and gassiness.

* Underlying Digestive problems – If you suspect that your baby might have an underlying digestive problem it’s best to make a doctor’s appointment.

* Reaction to specific foods – Certain foods cause gas naturally so it’s best to stay away from them.

* Excessive crying – The more your baby cries the more wind she will swallow.

If you feel that none of the above is causing the problem it is best to consult your doctor as soon as possible to help find the cause and a solution.

Symptoms Of A Gassy Baby

You will know when your baby is struggling with gas. For example, when my daughter finished drinking her milk I would rub her back gently for about a minute and the wind will come out easily. a Gassy baby will struggle to release the wind. You might sit trying several minutes or more to get the trapped wind out and still it might not work.

Usually your baby will cry in discomfort after meals and they will arch their back in an uncomfortable way.

Ways To Prevent Gas

Focus on giving your baby foods and drinks that works with their system. Avoid anything that can cause discomfort such as foods that naturally causes gas. Cabbage, beans, dairy, juice etc. Offer a sip of water after every meal to help your baby get the food down. Ensure to buy a good quality baby bottle and teat that has an anti-colic air system.

Treatment And Ways To Help Baby

Thankfully there are many ways and and natural ways to help a baby that’s struggling with gas.

*Rub and Pat – With baby sitting in an upright position gently rub and pat your babies back. Rub in circular motions or up and down and continually pat your baby gently on the back.

*Bicycle Rides – Lay Baby flat on her back and slowly lift her legs up to her tummy and bring them down again. Move her legs as if she is riding a bicycle.

*Stomach Lying – If the wind still doesn’t want to come out try placing your baby on her back and gently apply pressure to on her stomach until the trapped winds are released.

*Baby Massage – Baby massage has many benefits and it helps with winds. Gently massage your baby’s tummy, arms and legs to help keep her calm until the wind is released.

*Change Feeding Position – Sometimes it helps by changing the feeding position. For example if you breastfeed and your baby is lying next to you try to sit upright with your baby.

If the above doesn’t work there are many great over over the counter medicines that will relieve gas and discomfort temporarily.

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