My Car Battery = Amazing Unplanned Date! 1


– A Car Battery Can Lead To An Unplanned Date.

A couple of weeks ago my car battery decided to give in on me and I had to ask a good Samaritan’ in the complex to jumpstart my car for me. I managed to make it to work and by home time the same thing happened again.

Luckily someone helped me out at work and I managed to go and get my daughter from daycare and made it to home safely.

When hubby came home again the same problem.  My husband advised me to rather have my battery checked out because I might need a replacement. So the next morning he jump started my car, I took my daughter to daycare and stopped at xxx to check my battery.

Strangely enough when the guy tested it, he told me that its as fit as a fiddle’ and I just need to energise or step on the fuel to recharge it a bit.

My husband came to listen as he ofcourse has much more knowledge than I do “when it comes to cars”. They said I will have to go for a long drive. Not that I wanted to because I didnt know where to go to and I don’t exactly have a money tree in my backyard.

Anyway my husband said he will come with me and he lead the way on the N1.

The downside, I couldn’t listen to music and my headlights weren’t turned on and it started raining so it was quite scary. But with my husband leading the way I felt abit more at ease.

We drove along and stopped at Butterfly World. I made a joke with my husband that I’m taking him on a date and that I will buy us something to eat and drink.

I ordered coffee for him, tea for me and we shared a large scone with cheese, jam and cream, delicious!

It was so nice and I actually wanted to go and see the butterflies, but my husband wasn’t on leave like me. And we thought we will rather come again when our daughter is old enough. Then we can enjoy the butterflies together as a family.

Nonetheless, me and my husband still had a very nice time and we enjoyed ourselves on the unplanned date of ours.

My car battery died and I had to replace it, but it lasted a good couple of years anyway.

And lastly, what seemed to be just a new battery turned out to be a very pleasant date indeed!

I hope you enjoyed my story!

Ps. Always try to make time for your partner they are very important 🙂





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