My Firstborn Pregnancy Cravings 1

My Firstborn Pregnancy Cravings

With my first pregnancy I had a very fortunate journey. Whenever I went to my gynae for a check-up I always received good news. So I didn’t have anything to worry about. I also didn’t have morning sickness or pregnancy cravings. But the fact that I didn’t have cravings actually upset me a bit, because I also wanted to join in on conversations and share my odd cravings with other mommies. This was exciting to me as I was expecting my first baby.

The Craving Part

Somewhere during my fifth month me and my husband went to buy burgers and there it was, the pregnancy cravings with my first baby. I had the sudden urge to throw tomato sauce on my fries and on my burger. Yes, my first ever pregnancy craving was tomato sauce! You are probably thinking to yourself oh okay tomato sauce is an everyday thing, but I never liked it. I don’t like it on my fries and not on my food either.

Pregnancy photo shoot and cravings

But boy was it good! It became my new favorite sauce and very soon the rest of the cravings came along. Chocolates, ice cream, doughnuts and soda became my weakness. To be honest I ate a doughnut every other day. The best part of it all was that I didn’t need to feel guilty about my increased appetite because as we all heard the saying that goes “when you’re pregnant you eat for two”. However you should not over indulge. Please only eat as much as you can and try to eat healthy.

Interestingly my whole appetite changed. There were specific foods that I loved for years and all of a sudden I got this big dislike in it. In general I am a very healthy person and I prefer healthy food. My daily cup of tea went out of the window and I didn’t want cooked food either. Good-bye cabbage food. Ps my husband was extremely thankful because he never liked it.

Pregnancy photo shoot and cravings

Why The Cravings And Food Aversions

The way a women’s body changes when she becomes pregnant is actually so amazing. It doesn’t happen to everyone but there are some things that evidently change in pregnant women. A pregnant woman can get a preference in different kinds of food. Maybe you had a sweet tooth one day and loved to eat sweets and cake and all of a sudden you only want to eat salty food.

Hormones also changes drastically. Pregnant women can expect an increase in estrogen and progesterone which are the two main and important pregnancy hormones. Let me give you some information about it.  Estrogen is responsible for the full functioning of a women’s reproductive system and during pregnancy it assists the uterus to grow and circulates blood flow to the placenta so that it can become stronger. Progesterone thickens the lining of the uterus and ensures that the uterus is working properly.

All of this is happening so that a pregnant women’s body can accommodate the precious bundle of joy that’s on the way. A safe haven is and perfect home for baby to thrive in. All this energy and hard work of course causes the body to lose vitamins and minerals and that is where the cravings part comes in.  I’m sure this is starting to make a lot of sense for you now 🙂

Pregnancy photo shoot and cravings

The Meaning Of Specific Cravings

It is proven that certain cravings are said to have specific meanings.  Take note this doesn’t only apply to pregnant women, but  to everyone else as well. For instance when you crave salty food it is an indication that your sodium levels might have dropped and sugar might be a mineral deficiency or anemia.

You can’t prevent this from happening to you, but what you can do, is you can try to pack in some fruits and nuts that are high in minerals and vitamins and your gynae will probably advise you to take a pregnancy supplement and folic acid. There is also a very strange craving that is called “pica”, that is when a pregnant woman is craving for things that she really is not supposed to eat like chalk or mud.  And you also get the craving for pickles which helps to relieve morning sickness and chewing on ice cubes.

Are Pregnancy Cravings Good Or Bad

I think it is very important to pay attention to your body and following your instinct throughout your pregnancy not only for your own sake but also for your baby and health wise. There were days when I craved meat and I knew my iron levels dropped, because I felt weak and dizzy. So if you feel to go on a doughnut spree you may do it without guilt. Your body might need the extra calories and you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. You are becoming a mother and you need all the energy in the world.

Pregnancy photo shoot and cravings

Old Wive’s Tales

I’m sure you have heard or seen “old wives tales” before. Well I have included a few interesting tales for you to have some fun with. Some of it might be true, but just remember that there are no proof of it. If you are curious to reveal the gender of your baby you can do so by visiting the doctor for an ultrasound.


Baby’s heart rate is above 140 beats pm. Baby’s heart rate is below 140 beats pm.

Carrying baby in front and high. Carrying baby low

Craving sweet food. Craving salty food

Morning sickness and pimples. No morning sickness and clear skin

Dull hair. Beautiful and shiny hair


Thank you for reading about my firstborn pregnancy cravings. Please share your pregnancy cravings, I would love to hear about it.

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