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Have you noticed how incredibly interested your baby is when you read to her? Your baby will start showing interest in reading from a very early age and there are plenty of benefits involved in it. Most mommies even read to their unborn babies during pregnancy.

Why Do Babies Enjoy Reading So Much?

All babies love to learn new things. As your baby grows older her vision will improve and she will start to take note of her surroundings. She will see all the new and interesting objects around her. She will want to explore by reaching out and touching different things. This is the perfect time to start reading a book to your baby. Just make sure that when you read to your baby that she reads with you. Put her on your lap and hold the book in front of both of you.

Your baby won’t be interested in listening to a long story without looking at the pictures. They enjoy the visual part of the story just as much as listening. She will enjoy the variety of tone and emotion in your voice and will listen attentively. Your facial expressions will also entertain her.

The Benefits Involved

In general reading is very therapeutic and educational. Reading to your baby from a early age have the following benefits :

Communication – It will encourage your baby to communicate and learn to speak faster and sooner.

Self-Esteem – It can boost your baby’s self-esteem as she grows older as she will enjoy reading and not be afraid to do so.

Listening and Vocabulary Skills – It builds both these skills. Introduce books with numbers and letters in and other educational books to your baby.

Brain and Memory Boost – It stimulates your baby’s brain and creates a brighter and better memory.

What Types Of Books To Buy

You can’t go wrong when you buy books for your baby. Just keep in mind to choose ones that are appropriate for your babies age.  It is always a good idea to buy books that are educational and that will support your baby’s learning development. Babies are attracted to bright colours and they like red, orange and yellow. They also enjoy books with different textures and sound to stimulate their touch and hearing senses.

A nice book to get for your baby will be a bath book that makes a squeaky sound. This is especially a great idea if your baby is not fond of bathing. It will keep her entertained. Also invest in books with numbers in and the alphabet so that your baby can start learning as soon as possible.

Reading to your baby also creates the perfect opportunity to bond. You might even catch you baby reading her book by herself in her cute baby language. Pretty soon she will read to you.

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