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Trying to get a baby to sleep at night can be quite a challenge and it can leave you as the parent exhausted. Luckily with effort and consistency and a set baby bedtime routine you will be able to help your baby sleep much better at night and enjoy a good night’s rest yourself.

Benefits Of A Bedtime Routine

Babies that are used to a set bedtime routine sleep much better and more sounder at night. Think about it, if are used to going to bed at night at a specific time and something disrupts you from sleeping you struggle falling asleep. The same goes for babies. They are similar to adults when it comes to sleeping.

A bedtime routine will help your baby feel more relaxed and calmer at night and help them sleep more peacefully. It is also a perfect opportunity for you to bond with your baby at night as you will have a set time for that.

Go According To The Clock

Just like adults babies also have a built in clock. You will need to have some sort of a routine set in place so that your baby will get used to the idea that specific things happen at specific times. For example we feed our daughter supper at 6 0’clock, then it’s time for play and activities, then we bath her at 7 o’clock, we read stories thereafter, and then she gets her last bottle at about 7:45pm.

It didn’t take long for her to get used to the routine and now everyone is happy and know exactly what to do and how the evening goes.  What you have to do is decide on a specific time that works for everyone in the household and stick to it.

Baby Bath Time

Babies love being bathed. A nice and warm bath after a long day has an relaxing effect on all of us. You will also notice that your baby feels much better at night after being bathed. You can also try giving your baby a massage to calm her down and help her relax. Baby massages have proven to have many benefits.

Quiet And Dark Room

Dim the lights when it’s time for your baby to sleep. Your baby will learn that when it becomes dark playtime is over and it’s now time to settle down. The dimmed light will also have a calming effect on your baby. What we had bought before my daughter’s birth was a night light from Lunsy. This light has been working ever since my daughter was born and we still use it every single night. Have a look here at similar ones.

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Bedtime Stories

Do you remember all the sweet stories that your parents read to you when you were still a child? I am sure you remember some of it. Story time is a perfect opportunity to bond with your baby before he or she drifts off to sleep and it also helps your baby to relax and feel calmer and baby enjoys your presense.

Last Feed

Set a time to give your baby her last feed at night and stick to it. Your baby will probably be tired by that time and would only want to feed and go to sleep.

Alternatively you can also introduce a pacifier to your baby for soothing if all else fails. I am sure that you will enjoy a good night’s rest with the new bedtime routine set in place and everyone will feel refreshed the next morning.

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