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Even though it’s festive season and you’re on holiday, it doesn’t mean that you are going to get in any rest.

Being a mother is a full-time job and one that you can never quit from. However it does get easier along the way as your baby grows older. As a mother you have to take time out. You need to grab all the opportunities coming your way and sit back and relax.

I decided to, even though there are guests in the living room of my dad’s house right now that I’ve never met before, that I will continue laying next to my sleeping daughter until she wakes up. Is this being rude of me? No, not at all. Mother’s will understand exactly and those that feel that they want to judge either don’t have children or nothing better to do.

Rest As Much As You Can

Yes its difficult to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine because whenever you do that you hear “Mama!” Or you feel guilty saying no whenever friends want to come over. It’s almost as if you cannot enjoy alone time, as if it’s something you can forget about forever.

Let me tell you this, I do my job as a mommy and I try to be the best mom that I can be, but I get tired. I often feel that I need some time out and want nobody around me except for myself. So the times when I see I’ve done my part I’ll simply tell my husband that it’s his turn now to look after our daughter and that I am going to go and rest. He almost never has a problem with it because he can see that I’m exhausted.

Sleep, Sleep and More Sleep

Moms need plenty of sleep. They say “sleep when baby sleeps”. I fully agree with the saying, but it’s nearly impossible. If it works for you, you are extremely privileged. Sometimes it’s difficult to sleep when your baby sleeps, because babies usually take short naps at a time and whenever you close your eyes they tend to wake up. Bummer. Also the other thing is that many moms decide not to sleep because they know that is the only time that there’s peace and quiet and they can actually finish the undone chores unbothered. But sleep you must.

Go Out Alone

It’s extremely important to spend equal amounts of time on your children as well as your partner, but you also need alone time. You need to be in a happy place first in order to make other around you happy. Take trips to the mall by yourself often and clear your mind from every day’s hard work and stress. Spend some time on yourself.

Put Your Earphones On

I have done this before, where I go to the room and block out everyone around me. Is this possible? Not quite, because those are the times when daddy dearest all of a sudden needs help changing baby’s diaper or baby wants special attention. Does this sounds familiar to you? I’m sure it does. But honestly whether it’s with earphones on listening to your favourite songs, behind closed doors or meditating it’s so very important to take time out. This will help you to focus correctly and just finding yourself again.

Sit Back And Relax

It’s not a nice feeling to be stressed and yet it comes so easily. Think of ways to help you stay calm and relax. Treat yourself to a nice day at a spa, pour a glass of your favourite wine, smile, take a walk and just be cool as a cucumber. I have noticed whenever a heated situation arise and I count to ten before reacting to it that I am much more calmer and my response way better than what it could’ve been.

Many many times I put my family before myself and I love it, but I also love to feel resotred. You do not have to feel guilty mommy when you take time out, you work hard enough, you are absolutely brilliant in what you do and you deserve a break.

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