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Your baby’s delicate skin needs protection from the harsh rays of the sun. During the hot summer months we love to take a drive to the beach or a park and spend time with our family outdoors. The sun can have a very bad effect on your baby’s skin so you might want to consider using baby sunscreen.

Is It Necessary To Apply Baby Sunscreen?

Yes. A baby’s skin is sensitive and not yet fully developed until the age of 6 months. So it is very vulnerable and can burn quite easily. When you leave your house you would want to ideally cover your baby up completely. Take note that your baby also needs the benefits of vitamin d obtained from the sun. This is where baby sunscreen comes into the picture.

Is Baby Sunscreen Safe?

You will see that many sunscreen labels advises you to use it on your baby from 6 months and up. Sunscreen contains zinc oxide, toxins and minerals that will scare you off, but it also contains uva and uvb filters that gives protection from the suns harmful damage. You as the parent can make the decision whether you want to use baby sunscreen or not.

Alternative Ways To Protect Baby From The Sun

If you are against sunscreen for babies and you want to spend time outdoors, you need to ensure to keep your baby protected from direct sunlight. Dress your baby in cotton clothes that are breathable, put a sunhat on your babies head and get baby sunglasses – your baby will look absolutely adorable. Remember to take regular breaks and move to a shaded area or underneath a tree.

Best Sunscreen Brands For Babies

There are a couple of good sunscreen brands on the market for your baby.

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Babyganics Baby Sunscreen Lotion Spf 50

This is a worldwide known baby sunscreen and there is a definite reason why. It has a high spf level of 50 and is mineral based. It is easy to apply, non-allergic and tear-free so it won’t sting your babies eyes.

Bonus – Cruelty, paraben, phalate free with no added fragrances.

It is a true winner!

The Importance Of Baby Sunscreen 2The Importance Of Baby Sunscreen 3

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Spf 50

This is a sunscreen for babies with sensitive skin. It has a mild texture and is tear-free. The skin-soothing formula contains oat that helps with locking in moisture. It also has a spf level of 50.

Bonus – Made with naturally-sourced zinc oxide, paraben, phalate and fragrance free.

Perfect for the sensitive baby!

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Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen Lotion Simply Protect Spf 50

This well priced sunscreen is the newer version of the sunscreen lotion for babies. It has a spf level of 50 and contains 25% less ingredients than the previous version. It is also water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Bonus – Tear-free, hypoallergenic, oxybenzone and paraben free, no added oils and fragrances.

For the mommy that prefers less ingredients!

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The Importance Of Baby Sunscreen 6

Coppertone Pure & Simple Baby Sunscreen Spf 50

A sunscreen that’s both pure and water-resistant. This mineral-based sunscreen contains 100% natural botanicals and is pediatrician recommended. It also contains a spf level of 50.

Bonus – Hypoallergenic, tear free, paba, oxybenzone, fragrance, dye and oil free.

A product leaning towards the natural side!

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Think Baby Safe Sunscreen Spf 50

The most rewarded baby sunscreen. This sunscreen passed Whole Foods Premium Care requirements and is top rated by EWG. It’s highly effective and also water-resistant. It has a spf level of 50.

Bonus – Free of biologically harmful chemicals (oxybenzone, phalate, paraben, paba, 1,4 dioxane and uv chemical absorbers). Reef friendly

A highly rewarded great sunscreen!

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