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Ever wondered why mothers often say to their babies “I will eat you up” or cuddle, hold and smooch their chirldren all day long? A mother’s touch has so many benefits involved and that’s for both you and your child.

Better Sleeping Patterns

Many children are scared at night and don’t want to sleep away from their parents. When you as mother hold your child close in your arms, read a bedtime story or rock them to sleep, they will be calmer at night and automatically sleep better. Your presence in the room also creates a calmer atmosphere.

Happier Mood

Cuddling or hugging releases the hormone serotonin which makes us happy. No wonder mothers love to cuddle endlessly with their bundles of joy! It is proven that a single hug can evidently boost your mood, ease heartache and even boost your overall health. Happy mommy happy child.

Boost Self-Esteem

Being held close, laughing, hugging and cuddling creates a positive mindset. If you’re a happy person or in a good mood when being with your child, he or she will feel that and they will also be in a better mood and this will create a better and positive self-esteem.

Relieves Discomfort

A mother’s touch is so powerful. Have you noticed that when your child has a minor injury like a knee scrape that a single kiss from you as their mom instantly takes away the pain. Or when your baby cries and you pick him up he becomes calm? That is because you as the mother received a gift of healing powers. You know just how to help your child feel at ease when they got hurt or feel sad.

“A Mother’s Arms Are More Comforting Than Anyone Elses.” – Diana, Princess of Whales

Lower Levels Of Stress and Anxiety

Even during adulthood when you are faced with a sticky situation you run to your parents for comfort. a Mother knows what to say to you to put your mind at ease again and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mother’s have a unique gift like no other and they know how to care for and nurture a child. They know how to love a child endlessly and raise them to be a perfect human being.


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Leana Lourens

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