Mom and baby travelling

When it comes to travelling with a baby or older children a red light automatically goes on. As a parent we worry about many things that can go wrong. By following certain precautions you can be assured that everything will go smoothly as planned. Herewith are a couple of tips to make travelling with your baby easier.

1. Safety First

The most important thing when it comes to travelling with your baby is their safety. You need to have a car seat installed inside your vehicle. The car seat must be in good condition and work properly. According to the law of South Africa, your baby should be strapped securely in the car seat at all times when travelling. The car seat must be at the back of the car facing a rear position.

2. Stack Up On Diapers And Wet Wipes

The two most used baby essentials are diapers and wet wipes. You always need plenty of both. Make sure to take both with you wherever you and your baby are travelling. Pack an extra pack of wet wipes in case of those unforeseen spills. It’s also great to wipe your baby’s sticky hands and face.

3. Medicine Kit

Always have a medicine kit on hand wherever you travel with your baby. Make sure that it contains all the necessary things that you use for your baby. Also include things that you might need in case of emergencies such as plasters, ointments, thermometer, syrups, nasal aspirator etc…

3. Clothes for Every Season

There is a reason that you’ve heard the saying “dress baby in layers”. By layering your baby’s clothes you will help your baby stay comfortable throughout the day. If it’s early in the morning and cold dress your baby in a couple of layers. When it gets warmer during the day you can remove one layer at a time. By using this method you won’t need to fully undress your baby. A nice tip is to dress your baby in cotton clothes. It is breathable and will prevent sweating when you are travelling.

Β 4. Toys And Games

You will need plenty of toys or music to keep your baby entertained. Pack in rattles, teethers and baby’s favorite blanket. Also be sure to exercise your vocals at home because sing songs also work wonders.

5. Sunscreen And Sun Protection

Your baby’s skin is very fragile and can burn easily when exposed to the sun. It is especially vulnerable during the first six months of their life. The harsh effect of the sun can cause rashes that can eventually lead to skin cancer. Grab your baby’s sunscreen, a hat and something to put in the window for protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

By following the above tips the trip will be very enjoyable and less stressful the next time.

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