Tummy Time For Baby 1

As the days go along your baby will be ready to learn new skills and impress you with reaching their milstones. As the mother of your baby your job is to help and encourage your baby to get there. One of the first skills that you will need to help your baby with is practicing tummy time.

What is Tummy Time

Tummy time is when a baby lays on their stomach and practice to lift their head and neck. This is very important as it will help your baby to build and strengthen her neck and shoulder muscles. Eventually she will be strong enough to lift herself up on her arms and hands aswell.

When To Start With It

There is no set time as to when a baby must learn this new skill. It is completely up to you as the mother to decide when you want your baby to start with it. However take note that the sooner your baby learns to lift her head the sooner she will be ready for her next skill. Fun right?

The Importance Thereof

Babies need to grow and learn many things preparing them for when they get older. They need plenty of practicing to master their skills. All of this is important so that your baby will not develop problems when becomes older. Tummy time also helps with gross motor development.

Ways To Help Baby

1. Find a safe spot where you can lay your baby down.

2. Make sure that you put your baby on a flat surface. Either your bed or put a soft blanket on the floor.

3. Encourage your baby to lift her head by talking to her and rubbing her back.

4. Your baby trusts you and learn from you as the mother so lay next to her and show her what to do.

5. Take one of your baby’s toys and guide her with it by moving it in front of her.

6. Babies love watching themselves in the mirror. Make things fun for her by placing a mirror in front of her.

Very soon your baby will be able to lift her head and neck and then she can impress you with her next milestone.

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