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Now that you brought your newborn baby home from hospital you are probably thinking to yourself the only thing that you will have to do is nurture your baby and the rest will take care of itself. Don’t be fooled, your once fresh and sparkly clean home can quickly turn into an awful mess and it can have a negative effect on you.  I have included tips on what to do to survive with a newborn at home below.

Set A Routine

First things first. Set a routine that works for you and everyone else in the household. I know not everyone likes to follow strict routines, but with the increased household it can become very difficult to attend to everything and everyone, especially the pets. With a routine in place you will be able to run the household much smoother and be assured that you will get to your important duties and deadlines.

Buy Groceries In Bulk

Nobody likes going to the shop after work to buy a bottle of milk or eggs. After a long day at work everyone is tired and you want to spend time quality with your newborn baby and family. By making a list and buying groceries in bulk you will save yourself alot of time and effort. Yes I know that it is very nice to phone our husband’s to get the groceries from the shop on their way home, but they also get tired just like we do.

Cook And Freeze Meals

Preparing meals in advance will be your new lifesaver, trust me. With a newborn baby you will have little to no time to take care of yourself the way you used to. You will be too tired to make your favourite dish or experiment in the kitchen. I have been there, you put your baby down and go to the kitchen to prepare a meal and then suddenly baby screams. Just think of the wonderful feeling when you take that prepared meal out of the fridge, warm it up and it’s ready to eat.

Ask For Help

What I have learned to do while I was on maternity leave was asking for help. I didn’t know at first how people would respond, but I soon realised that I can’t do everything on my own anymore. And besides, friends and family will not care to lend a helping hand or to hold your precious newborn baby so that you can take a shower. Don’t feel guilty to ask, you are a new mother and you deserve a break.

Go Outside And Take A Walk

Fresh air was my lifesaver and the feeling of the warm sun on my skin. Taking care of a newborn baby takes a lot of your energy from a mother and you will find yourself many, times not taking a shower, not eating, not sleeping and many more. To stay focused invite grandmother over for a cup of coffee and ask her to hold your baby while you go for a stroll around the block. You can even take your baby with you in the stroller next time.

Sleep As Much As You Can

You are going to need all the rest in the world. You have probably heard many people saying to “sleep when baby sleeps” well these people are talking out of experience. The first couple of months can be very tiring and hard on mothers. Luckily a newborn baby sleeps alot.

Rest assured that with time things will become easier and you will eventually be able to run the household as before.

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