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There is a big debate on whether you should co-sleep with your children or let them sleep in their own beds. I let my toddler sleep between me and my husband at night and I have no problems with it whatsoever. In fact, it has plenty of benefits. Yes, me and my husband have less time to cuddle, but our daughter needs me just as much.

Grow In A Blink Of an Eye

It feels like my daughter was born just the other day. I can still remember walking around the office with swollen feet craving hot chips, soda and chocolates. Then when she was born she was this tiny precious little baby who clinged to my breast day and night afraid of the unknown world. Today she is a healthy and happy toddler who sees the world as her oyster. When I want to hold her something interesting catches her attention.

They grow up so quick! As a mother you would understand why I say this. The cute booties that you bought was worn only a couple of times and is now put away for when brother or sister arrives. Yes, you don’t want your children to interrupt the time spend with your partner, but just think of it, in a couple of years they’ll be all grown up and doing their own things.

Sounder Sleep At Night

My toddler sleeps in her cot aswell. She will go to sleep at 8 o’clock at night and sleep until midnight. By that time I have also managed to get in a couple of hours of sleep. When she wakes up I will give her her bottle and she will fall asleep between me and my husband. Trust me, I have tried many times to put her back into her own bed, but she refuses or she will wake up crying.

No I am not making my child naughty. I am also not causing my child to grow up having lack of self-confidence. Children need their mother’s care. It is completely normal for a child to wake up at night wanting to be in their mother’s arms. Also if my toddler co-sleep with me she will only wake up in the morning allowing us all feeling refreshed.

No Worries Or Stress

When my toddler was a newborn she slept most of the time in a tiny bed that was made up right next to mine. So whenever she moved or made a sound I woke up and I was right there next to her. Then we moved her to her cot and made use of a baby monitor. Guess what came with that? Less sleep. I constantly woke up night to check whether she is still breathing regardless of the monitor.

As a mother it is completely natural to worry that your child is alright. I noticed that both of us are losing sleep and I again let my daughter co-sleep with me and boom gone was the worries.

Happy Mornings

So as a result everyone gets in whole lot of more sleep at night. If my daughter moves around at night my husband won’t wake up from snoring so it doesn’t affect him negatively at all. Also both me and my daughter sleeps much better. In the mornings when it’s time to get up we are all well-rested and we have a lot of energy for the day.

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