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Everybody adores a baby’s babbling and baby talk is totally unavoidable while communicating to your baby. However in the long run when it comes to your baby and learning it is best to stick to the point and to avoid using baby talk.

What Is Baby Talk?

Baby talk is when you use words and sentences in such a way that you think your baby will understand you better. It’s using shorter words, incomplete sentences and made up dimunitives such as “ducky” instead of “duck” or “doggy” instead of “dog”. Why, because it’s adorable and cute and eventually you are going to teach your baby the correct words, but in the long run you are creating double work for yourself and making it difficult for your baby.

Is Baby Talk Beneficial?

As your baby grows older she will watch and absorb everything you do like a sponge. One of the important milestones is ofcourse talking. You as the parent are responsible to help your baby to learn new words and sounds as she grows older.

Teaching your baby to talk takes time. It doesn’t only take plenty of time, effort and hard work to constantly repeat the same word over and over again, but you also need to use the right words. Imagine your baby just learned the word “juicy” and now she needs to refer to the same object and learn a new word “juice”. This creates confusion.

When Do Babies Start Talking

All babies are different and some might start talking sooner than others. Usually a baby will start saying their first words at around the age of 6 months. Your baby will say the words “mama” and “papa” or “baba” and will bring tears of joy to your eyes when you hear it the first time. When babies are about the age if 18 months to two years they are able to speak more words and form short sentences.

Ways To Help Baby Talk

There are plenty of ways to help your baby to talk. Like I mentioned before all babies are different so the best is to look out for clues. Start repeating the same words over and over again when you speak to your baby.

Repeat the same words over and over again

Praise your baby when she gets it right

When referring to specific objects name them

Read to your baby

Elaborate on things when talking

Tell your baby what you are doing

Pay attention to your baby and let them lead

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