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Face it after becoming a parent, your child becomes your number one priority. The fact that they require so much attention and love to thrive in this world creates little to no time for spending time with your partner.

I have noticed many changes in our family since me and my husband became parents. Both good changes and also bad changes. The good changes are that being a parent is the best gift that you can ever recieve and nothing else comes close to it. Walking around for nine months pregnant feeling and watching your tiny baby growing inside your stomach is incredibly special. Then when the time is right your precious baby enters the world and you fall in love with this tiny human being forever. Automatically all of your attention shifts to your child. However spending time with your partner is crucially important.

I love my daughter. She is my everything but so is my husband. I need both of them to be happy. The only difference is that my daughter isn’t old enough to take care of herself. There are however areas where both me and my husband need taken care of from eachother. For instance love. We need love from eachother. Love keeps a relationship glowing and without it we can simply not survive. We get depressed and sad and we end up feeling lonely. Spending time with your partner ensures to keep the spark going and let’s love grow. CapeTownInsider

Yes there are days where you feel that you can’t stand eachother and you just need a break. Many days I am so tired and stressed that I do not feel like talking at all. I just want the day to end and go to sleep. Communication is so important. It helps us to understand eachother better. It also helps us to handle a situation better. Silence has never been good and honestly it can make you question many things. Regular communication helps to build a stronger relationship and relieves unwanted tension. Spending time with your partner has many benefits.

Times when my husband comes home from work tired not in the mood to speak makes me wonder what is going on. Many things will cross my mind, but if I ask him about his day and he tells me we are both at ease and we can enjoy our evenings peacefully together.

I think of how times were before I became a parent. How free I was and I had all the time in the world. Me and my husband spent many times together and had much fun. We also went to many places. Don’t get me wrong, I will not change a thing in my life. My daughter means everything to me and she is the center of our universe. She brings us laughter, joy and happiness.

It can be however difficult to give attention to everyone in the household. We want to, but there is simply not enough time in a day to to always give someone uninterrupted attention. Also one single human being can only do so much at a time. When the opportunity is there make the most of it. If granny insists on baby sitting your children send them there with plenty of love.

You and your partner will then have the time to do fun activities together like go on a coffee date, go watch a movie, eat something or just go for a stroll. It is important to know that your partner still has interest in spending time with you. This will make you a happier person and put a smile on your face. It does to me. The best part is that your children will see and learn what a loving and caring family is.

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